Stupid Things to Do…Let’s go Grocery Shopping

As we approach week 3 of the 2018 NFL Season, I am sure we are already starting to think of this weekends grocery list whether we are BBQ'ing with friends at la casa or taking a delicious dish or two to Sunday's Corn Hole Tailgate Tourney. (Must be 25 and under to play this game) Whatever... Continue Reading →

Italians Disguised as Redneck Floridians

Will someone please explain to me what "manufacturing discrepancy" occurred during the Marlboro and Coors Light-infused procedure, otherwise known as a typical Florida Native pregnancy? Any particular reason why these ignoramuses feel it's necessary to park their car, or over-sized Monster Truck let's be honest, literally next to their driveway? Do they really believe the... Continue Reading →

Wait…What, Where?

Alright everyone, this is for all you American History buffs out there, Presidential History to be exact. Sadly, today's Random Act of Stupid was performed by yours truly. Have you ever had your knowledge bank tested on a certain topic in which you thought you knew the answer to? You've never quite been asked this particular question, specifically, so all... Continue Reading →

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