It Begins Here….

shutterstock_267763370Welcome to Eric’s World! No fancy intro here, we are just going to jump right in and start blogging as the topics we will be covering do not need a boring and lengthy preface. As a matter of fact, the content, whether it be in the form of a picture or video, will be all too telling. “What are we going to be covering”, you ask. Below you will find a rather comprehensive list of topics on the agenda. (clears throat)

  1. Random Acts of Stupid

THAT’S IT! That’s all. We all see it. We all laugh under our breath and keep it moving. That stops today! In my opinion, the best medicine to cure the current plague of LCS, Lack of Command Sense, among us Neanderthals is constant ridicule. (joking, NOT joking) Of course, we do it out of fun. We do it because we have an actual love and understanding for people and their little idiosyncrasies. However, depending on the type of day we are having, it could backfire and drive us absolutely bonkers so beware!


So sit back, enjoy a weekly dose of stupid and know that you are not in this alone. Although, you may be alone as you very well could be the topic for that week. Therefore, sit back, shut up and learn. You need to know how stupid you are being. Is there such a thing as constructive ridicule? You be the judge. Stay tuned…….




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