We’re or I? Chime in…..PLEASE!

So my girlfriend and I are having a nice glass of wine after a long and draining day at work. Monday’s, eww! In her sweet and caring delivery she lets me know how much she cannot stand how I am opening the podcast episode by saying “We’re back”, instead of “I am back”.

As much as I want to accept her constructive criticism, I simply cannot and tell her to pipe down. (Kidding, for all who know me know I was very attentive because really, who wants to deal with her wrath).

I try to explain to her that I want to build a community of listeners and that this podcast is mine, yes, but it is just as much mine as it is the listeners. THAT is why I believe opening with “We’re” is appropriate. She lets me know, yet again, how wrong and I am so I responded with, “let’s take it to the listeners”.

With that said, I need everyone’s input. Is it “We’re back” or ” I’m/I am back”? HELP!

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