“That’s not the word you meant”

What’s up Eric’s World groupies! I trust you all enjoyed the much-needed weekend. Ingrid and I did our Sunday usual by visiting both of our parents for a lunch/dinner split. It was nothing short of spectacular. (sarcasm?)

I want to touch on something that happened to me this week. As my brother’s and sister read through this, I am sure they will comment by saying “This week? Try all of our lives!”

Earlier in the week, Ingrid and I were in conversation over something extremely insignificant. I, personally, came to a point in the conversation where I hit a roadblock as I was searching through my thick melon for the perfect word to use. This particular word would hit the apex of my muscular mouth organ and then vanish in thin air, much like Colin Kaepernick’s dad once he realized what kind of twat-waffle his mother had just birthed.

I decided to give my Dad a call. Not only is he a smart man, he has always been a King at  word-games, definitions etc. He picked up the phone in his usual tone. If tone’s could speak, his would definitely say “Why the fuck are you bothering me.” I tell him I am searching for a word and could really use his help. I give him a scenario and brief description and ask for his assistance. He throws a few words out there which didn’t hit the target. I can hear my Mother’s faint voice in the background. Dad gives her permission to speak, they discuss it a bit and then in his 1950’s male chauvinistic voice he more or less tells her to go back to preparing dinner and ironing his clothes. (NOT true, but not 100% incorrect either)

Then it happened! The word comes to me! I yell it out, “EMOTE…..EMOTE…..it’s Emote!” I was so relieved. With my spirits high, adrenaline rushing through my body and my endorphins soaring my Dad tells me, “That’s not the word you meant”.

Sorry, Dad! I’ll keep thinking of the word I thought of. Man, if my brother’s and sister only knew just how lucky we are to have him.

Anybody else have someone that tells you what you are thinking? Share your story here or leave a comment!

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