Garage Sale = Redneck Storefront

As another weekend rapidly approaches, I don’t know about you but I have a real problem with these garage sale “Entrepreneurs”. You know the ones; clothing hung from the tree branches, metal yard tools from 1973 that barely survived a few floods but have the rust to show for it and 687 irrelevant, yet individually priced, 1-cent paperback books. Oh, and don’t forget about Grandma’s china that’s been glued back together but also missing 2 tea cups and 1 saucer.

If you are asking yourself the same question I did, the answer is YES. YES, these are the ignorant vagrant’s that are screaming to raise the minimum wage. You would think all the time and effort these hillbillies spent on the logistics of this redneck storefront they could just as easily fill out a couple job applications and make a decent living.

Much like the Chinese delivery food joints that sell the same crap over-and-over all while bringing down property values of the shopping malls they reside in, these bumpkin’s need to get licensed like a regular storefront! I’m calling my congressman.

Do you have a garage sale nightmare/story? Share with me here!

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