Love that Chicken-Head from Popeyes

Where do I even start.
    Ingrid I are making the dreadful 50 minute trek from one end of Jacksonville to the other for the 1st half of our required family weekend visit. My mother, new to the social media scene, shoots me a Facebook IM the night before asking if I wouldn’t mind picking up a 12 piece bucket of chicken and some biscuits, if I want them. Of course being the exceptional son that I am, I obliged.
Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 10.03.59 PM
    I know we are just getting into this but let me just stop right here. Now my Mom is 69 years old. She’s a tough old bag who just beat breast cancer; GO MOM, LOVE YOU! However, she just started “actively” using Facebook last year, or so, and I have so many problems with this. I don’t even know where to begin so ill just jump in head first. She definitely creeps the hell out of us all with her lively role in the Facebook Community. First off, my Mom is “that type”, the type that doesn’t want to post a profile picture of herself which defeats the entire purpose that is Facebook. Because of this, I am not quite certain if it’s really my Mom responding or J.K Rowling in the writers room. But what I do know is that there a fucking novel within each and every response with potential to hit the New York Best Seller list. I don’t know if I should read for enjoyment or start editing the damn thing. Either way, carve out some time, you’re going to need it.
    Another thing. Have you ever gone to your parents house and hopped onto their computer and found pictures of yourself that are deeeeeeeeep within your timeline? This is no ordinary picture pluck! My Mom should seriously look into sponsorship. I hear Caterpillar is looking for candidates and she has excellent excavating skills!
Let’s get back, shall we?
    We finally get to the last major road before arriving at my parents and find the Popeyes. I pull in and I am simply ecstatic because there is no long line to fight. (Yes, this topic will be a future post) The young sounding female comes over the intercom:
Popeyes Chicken-Head- “Welcome to Popeyes, may I take your order?”
Eric- “Hi, yes I will take a 12 piece chicken bucket, no meal, just the chicken and 6 biscuits.”
Popeyes Chicken-Head- “So you want the 12 piece meal? What do you want for sides?”
Eric- “No no, just the 12 piece chicken bucket and 6 biscuits.”
Popeyes Chicken-Head- “So you want the 11 piece chicken bucket and 6 biscuits?”
Eric- “Uhhhh, no. I want 12 pieces of chicken and 6 biscuits, I am not sure how else to say this.”
Popeyes Chicken-Head- “We don’t have a 12 piece chicken bucket, we only have an 11 piece.”
Eric- ” You don’t have a 12 piece bucket but you have a 12 piece meal?”
Popeyes Chicken-Head- “Yeah, we only have an 11 piece.”
                  I hear a faint whisper……
Popeyes HEAD Chicken-Head- ” Sell him the 11 piece and then add another piece for $3.99.”
Popeyes Chicken-Head- ” I can add a piece for…..”
Eric- “No I heard, I dont want to pay 4 dollars for a piece of chicken knowing damn good and well you will stiff me and throw a wing in there. I’ll just go ahead and take the 12 piece meal.”
Popeyes Chicken-Head- “So you want the 11 piece?”
Eric- (Screeches tires as he Mario Andretti’s out of the parking lot)
Went to Bojangles 1/4 mile down the road. Apparently this happens all the time. 12 Piece and 6 Biscuit Box- Bojangles
Want an alternative to long lines and fast-food? Check out AMAZON PRIME PANTRY!


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