BREAKING NEWS: Ink-Soaked Paper

You’ve got to be kidding me?!?! Is this all it takes?

As I was sitting at my dining room table this morning, self-medicating on my liquid drug of choice delivered by my favorite Frenchman “Starbeezy”, I was partaking in my usual perusal of Reddit before I head to work. On the very front page I came across the above picture and following post: “Opened up my printer only to come across this torn piece of paper soaked in ink.” My hat is off to the genius who provided this absolutely meaningless content. Twelve thousand views with 347 comments 3 hours after it dropped! I simply couldn’t comprehend what the hell I was seeing, they obviously know something I don’t. (Which isn’t saying much, believe me)

As a new Blogger (Can I even call myself that?) I struggle to find original and amusing content for my readers, a dilemma most new writers face I am sure. Of course, I realize I will never be able to please everyone but I do hope to find my own crew of sick “Son’s-uh-Bitches” that enjoy my posts, at least occasionally.

Then, I come across posts like the above. I’m throwing my hands up at this point. I ‘ve concluded that I’m putting way too much thought into this whole process. With that being said, today I am starting D. S. P. P (Dumb Shit People Post), a personal internet marketing research project pioneered by Idiot #1, me.

Here is my trial run. (Click the blue “Here”…dummy) I hope the results provide meaningful insight to the crap our society likes to view when they graze the internet.

In case you’re lazy, below is my latest experimental post on Reddit:

BREAKING NEWS: Stuff Found in Trash Can…Stuff Found in Trash


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