About Me

Unlike what they teach us as kids, I have always had a passion for making people laugh by pointing out the idiotic tendencies of us humans. “Isn’t that mean”? Well, of course it is, but it all comes from an innocent place within me. For all of the Libertarian nut jobs out there, I do NOT condone bullying for the sake of bullying.

You see, we all come from different backgrounds, upbringing and beliefs and despite popular belief, that’s ok. We have a short time on this earth and for anyone to think we actually have the ability, and time, to understand everyone is simply absurd.  Take the time to truly get to know the people in your family and the people you care about the most.

The rest you ask? I’ll leave that to your imagination but in case you need a jumping off point, stay subscribed to my blog. Cheers!


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